Mailman-users September 2020
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Problem with list creation
by Pawel Grzywaczewski
17 minutes

Redundant and load balanced Mailman3
by Pawel Grzywaczewski
7 hours, 7 minutes

Bad Signature with Gmail
by Massimo Zappalà
16 hours, 34 minutes

Template path
by Seth Seeger
17 hours, 12 minutes

including a template failed
by Wolfgang Bock
17 hours, 27 minutes

Missing whitespace in postfix_vmap after mailman genaliases
by Wolfgang Bock
17 hours, 49 minutes

Can creating too many Django accounts crash Mailman3 server?
by Mohsen Masoudfar
21 hours, 21 minutes

My Server is unable to connect to Mailman REST API few times
by Shashikanth Komandoor
1 day, 1 hour

Office365 posts shunted (authres.core.SyntaxError)
by Bryan Loniewski
1 day, 3 hours

The message is larger than the 40 KB maximum size
by Mohsen Masoudfar
1 day, 20 hours
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